Rental conditions

These conditions will be governed in all those occasions in which a person, whether physical or legal, uses a vehicle (bicycle or motorcycle) owned by Emoveyou S.L. and from that moment it is considered that it is subject and obligated to what is stipulated in it. The person who uses the vehicle will have the name of Lessee and the company that of the Lessor will be governed by the following clauses.



a) The Tenant will receive on lease from the company Emoveyou S.L. the vehicle in good working condition and of conservation of its essential parts and accessories, equipment of tools, documentation, etc., all verified by both parties before receiving the Renter the vehicle for rent.



a) Do not allow other people to lead other than those authorized in the contract.

b) Not to transport in the vehicle more people than those normally fitted and authorized in the vehicle's documentation, not to transport domestic animals in compliance with the regulations in force, not to transport any kind of goods, utensils, materials, objects or anything that the laws prohibit having, using, transporting, trading with them, etc., being at your own risk that many responsibilities derive from the infraction of this section.

c) Not to use or allow the leased vehicle to be used as a means of committing crimes, punished, prohibited or simply sanctioned by the law, assistance to criminals or protection, transport or shelter of objects derived from crimes.

e) To have the vehicle properly parked and guarded when it is not used.



a) The vehicle will be returned at the contracted place and date. Any variation must be authorized by the Landlord. If the Renter circulates with the expired contract and "without the authorization of the Lessor", the contracted insurances will automatically be suspended.

b) The delay in the return of the vehicle will mean the payment of the corresponding rate.

c) It recognizes the lessee to be informed of the mandatory use of the helmet for the driving of all leased vehicles. The hull will be provided by the landlord, leaving the tenant obliged to return it in the same perfect condition in which it is collected; the lessee being responsible for any loss or theft thereof; in which case the amount of € 25 must be paid to the lessor. The lessee is responsible for any damages and for any sanctions and fines imposed, for the reason of not driving with a helmet.

d) The lessee is responsible for the care and return of the vehicle and accessories (locks, helmet, keys, etc.) that will be inspected at the time of delivery and reception and must be in the same state as when rented, taking charge of the tenant Any damage caused In case of theft or loss of the material, the lessee will be obliged to pay Emoveyou SL the total amount of the stolen material.



a) The Tenant agrees to pay in addition to the charges for the rental of the vehicle and taxes, fines or sanctions of any kind that are levied on the Lessor for contraventions committed by the Lessee during the time of the lease as well as the amount of the days that the Landlord can not freely dispose of the vehicle due to an embargo, damage or damage caused to it during the lease attributable to the Lessee.

b) To attend at all times even after the return of the rented vehicle, how many claims the Landlord makes for causes arising from the fulfillment or breach of this contract.



a) The insurance arranged by the Landlord with the Insurance Company, cover the Renter with civil responsibility towards third parties through an insurance policy arranged with the Insurance Company, and the damage to persons in the measures and conditions established in the Regulation of Compulsory Insurance.

b) Insurance, loss, theft and damage caused to goods or objects transported in the leased vehicle owned by the Renter are excluded.



a) The Lessee undertakes to immediately inform the Lessor of any loss and to transmit immediately to him any letters, subpoenas or notifications that relate to said loss and to provide complete collaboration with the Landlord and the Insurance Company in the investigation and defense of any claim or proceeding .

b) Obtain the full details of the opposing party that together with the details of the accident (form as it happened, place, date and time, etc.) will send urgently to the Landlord, calling by phone even if the circumstances advise it.



a) In almost breakdowns or accidents the Landlord does not assume any responsibility for the prejudices that could directly or indirectly cause the Renter for that reason.

b) If for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs any damage or accident was caused, the civilian responsible would be the Tenant.



a) If the cancellation is made with a notice of more than 24 hours, 100% of the amount paid in the reservation to be canceled is reimbursed. Cancellations are not allowed for prewarnings shorter than 24 hours.

b) If the cancellation of the reservation occurs without notice, the landlord will not make any refund.

c) Emoveyou S.L. It is not responsible for weather conditions.



a) The Lessee, whatever his nationality, declares having read all the conditions of this contract and to resolve any doubt or disagreement that may arise from the interpretation and compliance of the same, and both parties submit to the Courts of Justice of Spain .





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